About the Artist

I’m Roger H. Hodge II (aka “The Cribbage Maan*”), maker of custom, one-of-a-kind cribbage boards. I am an Oregon native whose parents are both talented artists themselves. Over the years, they’ve encouraged me to pursue my creative and artistic inclinations, so you can aptly call me a second-generation artist.

Nine years ago, I learned to play cribbage, and about five years ago, I began combining my love of cribbage and artistic skills to create custom cribbage game boards, mostly for family and friends. In time, I started doing commissioned pieces. At present, I’ve completed well over a hundred boards, which now have homes all over the world.

What started out as just a couple of gifts has become a great passion of mine: to combine a wonderful game and past-time with the telling of an individual or family’s story through wood-burned drawings, emblems, and symbols. There is a motive behind every mark I put on a personalized cribbage board. No lasers are used here … all drawings, wood-burning, coloring, and drilling are done with my two hands and some trusty tools.

The greatest feeling comes from delivering a custom-made heirloom to people and seeing their reaction to the completed piece (if time permits, I like to play a game or two with the owner). No two boards will ever be alike … and that’s just fine with me!

In addition to custom-made cribbage boards (where I take your personalized ideas, interests, sentiments, etc. and incorporate them in to a unique game board), I also create cribbage boards from “found objects” — some examples being sock forms (as seen in Willamette Week’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide), guitar heads, animal skulls, cottonwood bark pieces, decorative tables, antique skis, pipe holders, wooden boxes … and on. If it’s made of wood, it’s hard for me not to envision turning it in to a cribbage board.

Some examples of my boards can been seen in private collections around the world and locally at Cloud Cap Games in Sellwood on SE Lexington and 13th, and at the Skybox Bar & Grill, Basement Pub, and Firehouse Pub.

Contact me at mrvegas35@mac.com if I can help you design a board as a gift or for your very own collection.

*You read correctly: “Maan,” not “Man.” My wife and her wonky nicknames are responsible for this misspelling.